03 Feb 2017, Chulalongkorn Business School

Symposium program

Papers accepted for presentation at 2017 CAFS 

Aim and scope

The Chulalongkorn Accounting and Finance Symposium (CAFS) is jointly organized by the Department of Banking and Finance, Department of Accountancy, and the Research Division of Chulalongkorn Business School. The CAFS serves as a platform on which faculty members in the Department of Banking and Finance and the Department of Accountancy present their research papers and receive critiques from high-caliber researchers and interested participations.

The scope of the CAFS encompasses original theoretical and empirical research papers that offer new insights and policy implications in all areas of accounting and finance. All submitted papers are peer-reviewed.

The leading international peer-reviewed journals in which the CAFS papers have been published include: Journal of Finance; Accounting Review; Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis; Journal of Corporate Finance; Financial Management; Journal of Banking and Finance; Journal of Empirical Finance; Insurance: Mathematics and Economics

Papers discussed at past CAFS (selected)

Contingent Capital: The Case of COERCs

Disproportional ownership structure and pay–performance relationship: Evidence from China’s listed firms

Do audit opinions reflect earnings persistence?

Does corporate governance predict future performance? Evidence from Hong Kong

Earnings management and voluntary disclosure of management’s responsibility for the financial reports

Earnings management surrounding seasoned bond offerings: Do managers mislead ratings agencies and the bond market?

The effect of mandatory IFRS adoption on international cross-listings

Form versus substance: The effect of ownership structure and corporate governance on firm value in Thailand

Governance reform and IPO underpricing

Information content of earnings announcements: Evidence from after-hours trading

Legal opportunism, litigation risk, and IPO underpricing

Optimal investment and consumption when regime transitions cause price shocks

Portfolio selection with qualitative input

Quadratic transform approximation for CDO pricing in multifactor models

Systemic liquidation risk and the diversity-diversification trade-off

A trade-off in corporate diversification

Voluntary audits versus mandatory audits

Call for papers