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Boonlert Jitmaneeroj

บุญเลิศ จิตรมณีโรจน์
Associate Professor

Joined : Oct/2020
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Areas of Interest

Behavioral Finance, Corporate Sustainability, Monetary Policy, Corporate Finance, Credit Management


  • Bachelor of Engineering(Second-Class Honors), Electrical Engineering, Chulalongkorn University, 1995
  • Master of Business Administration, Finance, Chulalongkorn University, 2003
  • Doctor of Philosophy, Finance, University of Essex, 2010

Employment History

  • Project Engineer, Siam Cement Group – Petrochemical Industry, 1995 - 2000
  • Quality Management Manager, CTI Group – Automobile Industry, 2001 - 2005
  • Graduate Teaching Assistant, Essex Business School, University of Essex, 2007 - 2010
  • Lecturer in Finance, School of Business, University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce, 2010 - 2015
  • Visiting Academic, Essex Business School, University of Essex, 2014 - 2015
  • Assistant Professor in Finance, School of Business, University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce, 2015 - 2018
  • Associate Professor in Finance, School of Business, University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce, 2018 - 2020
  • Lecturer in Finance, Faculty of Commerce and Accountancy, Chulalongkorn University, 2020 - Present

Refereed Publications

  • Journal of Policy Modelling, Forthcoming, , , "Reform Priorities for Prosperity of Nations": • Boonlert Jitmaneeroj (with Pornanong Budsaratragoon)
  • Socio-Economic Planning Sciences, 2020, 70, (100768), "A critique on the Corruption Perception Index: An interdisciplinary approach": Boonlert Jitmaneeroj (with Pornanong Budsaratragoon)
  • Journal of Forecasting, 2020, 29 (3), 368-393, "Do monetary policy transparency and central bank communication reduce interest rate disagreement": • Boonlert Jitmaneeroj (with Ruttachai Seelajaroen, Pornanong Budsaratragoon)
  • European Journal of Finance, 2019, 25 (14), 1328-1349, "Credit default swap and the UK 2008-09 short sales ban": • Boonlert Jitmaneeroj (with Jerry Coakley, Andrew Wood)
  • Measuring Business Excellence, 2019, 23 (3), 292-316, "Measuring causal relations and identifying critical drivers for corporate sustainability: The quadruple bottom line approach": Boonlert Jitmaneeroj (with Pornanong Budsaratragoon)
  • Journal of International Money and Finance, 2019, 90, 222-240, "The implications of central bank transparency for uncertainty and disagreement": • Boonlert Jitmaneeroj (with Michael Lamla, Andrew Wood)
  • Managerial Finance, 2018, 44 (4), 478-494, "A latent variable analysis of corporate social responsibility and firm value": Boonlert Jitmaneeroj
  • Research in International Business and Finance, 2018, 46, 324-341, "Is Thailand’s credit default swap market linked to bond and stock markets? Evidence from the term structure of credit spreads": Boonlert Jitmaneeroj
  • International Review of Economics and Finance, 2018, 58, 282-298, "The effect of the rebalancing horizon on the tradeoff between hedging effectiveness and transaction costs": Boonlert Jitmaneeroj
  • Studies in Economics and Finance, 2017 , 34(2), 183-193, "Does investor sentiment affect price-earnings ratios?": Boonlert Jitmaneeroj
  • International Journal of Social Economics, 2017, 44(12), 2336-2350, "Beyond the equal-weight framework of the Social Progress Index: Identifying causal relationships for policy reforms": Boonlert Jitmaneeroj
  • Review of Accounting and Finance, 2017, 16 (1), 25-140, "The impact of dividend policy on price-earnings ratio: The role of conditional and nonlinear relationship": Boonlert Jitmaneeroj
  • Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development, 2016 , 23(3), 854-872, "A new approach to prioritizing SME regulation reforms": Boonlert Jitmaneeroj
  • Management Decision, 2016, 54(6), 1497-1521, "Reform priorities for corporate sustainability: Environmental, social, governance, or economic performance?": Boonlert Jitmaneeroj
  • International Journal of Banking, Accounting and Finance, 2016, 7(1), 84-94, "The convexity of earnings yield: Does the dividend payout policy matter?": Boonlert Jitmaneeroj
  • Managerial Finance, 2014, 40(2), 189-199, "A loop diagram pedagogy: Seeing the unseen in the forward market efficiency hypothesis": Boonlert Jitmaneeroj
  • Journal of Banking and Finance, 2013, 37(3), 1084-1092, "The expectations hypothesis: New hope or illusory support?": • Boonlert Jitmaneeroj (with Andrew Wood)
  • Journal of International Financial Markets, Institutions and Money, 2012, 22(1), 209-231, "Forecast rationality and monetary policy frameworks: Evidence from UK interest rate forecasts": • Boonlert Jitmaneeroj (with Georgios Chortareas, Andrew Wood)

Working Papers

  • "Corporate sustainability and stock value in Asia Pacific emerging markets: Synergies or tradeoffs among ESG factors": Boonlert Jitmaneeroj (with Pornanong Budsaratragoon)
  • "Time-varying fund manager skills and mutual fund flows: A comparative study of emerging markets": Boonlert Jitmaneeroj (with Georgios Chortareas, Andrew Wood)


Number Name
2604361 Business Finance
2604465 Credit Management
2604650 Treasury Management