The Department of Banking and Finance

The department of banking and finance is part of the Faculty of Commerce and Accountancy (now Chulalongkorn Business School), which was established in 1939 to produce the graduates with specialization in banking and finance for the fast-growing economy in Thailand. Since then the Department has provided the academic services in bachelor's degree, master’s degree and doctoral degree for various academic programs for the Chulalongkorn Business School.

Chulalongkorn Business School Mission

CBS is committed to developing innovative, internationally-oriented, and ethical leaders, impacting the Thai society, and advancing business-related knowledge

Department of Banking and Finance Mission

The Department of Banking and Finance at CBS offers academically rigorous, yet practical and innovative education in finance with the mission to produce graduates ready to pursue higher education and thrive in finance and banking industry anywhere.

Learning Outcomes & Learning Objectives

Learning Outcomes Learning Objectives
Disciplinary Knowledge
  • Students are knowledgeable on functional business concepts and able to apply to business circumstances
  • Students are able to apply basic concepts in specific area of Business
Analytical Thinking and Problem Solving Students are able to analyze problems, quantitative models, and using appropriate, techniques to solve business problems
Oral Communication Students are competent at effectively communicate business concepts orally
Written Communication Students are competent at effectively communicate business concepts in writing
Information Technology Literacy Students are able to use technology/software tools to handle business issues
Innovative Thinking Students have innovative capacity to design, create, and develop products or processes or services in business context
Global Knowledge Students have the knowledge and the perspectives on global issues and recognize their relevance in business practices

The Department of Banking and Finance emphasizes on the importance of conducting academic research together with providing academic services. In the highly competitive and fast moving business world today, new development and innovations are constantly created. Research in finance is one of the key components to helping the faculties understand and apply them into practice properly. Knowledge gained from research can be taught and disseminated to students and society.

Moreover, the Department has established a network among business schools overseas, business partners, and other government organizations in order to enhance the connections and exchange learning experience among our faculties and students. The network with other business schools are in the form of faculty or students exchange program or visiting faculties from overseas which not only enhance the knowledge sharing but also improve the international environment in the school.

The Department made a huge investment in creating the Financial Laboratory, which offers state-of-the-art learning facilities with the trading room ambiance in the financial markets. The Financial Lab is equipped with leading financial software and databases, commonly used by global financial firms in the industry, which offer a unique learning opportunity for students to have access to the data and financial news around the world. The Department of Banking and Finance is proud to be the first in Thailand and Asia Pacific to have established such a facility for classroom teaching in a university.